343 Industries works with Limbitless Solutions to produce Halo-themed prosthetics for kids in need

Jonny Caldwell

343 Industries has collaborated with Limbitless Solutions to create prosthetics for children, with each mechanical arm designed to be based off of the wildly popular Halo series of video games. The prosthetics are 3D printed, which is probably what makes them more cost effective than most other options.

The devices are pretty capable machines, allowing children to grab items and perform various gestures. And thanks to the way they are made, the arms are able to be fitted for the children at much lower costs than traditional prosthetics. It’s pretty amazing what the organization does for these kids, especially when you look the their rather cool name.

Children will have multiple choices when picking their new arm, including an option for the Mk. VI armor worn by the Master Chief. The organization also plans to offer a “multiplayer” model of the arm inspired by Mjolnir, which can be personalized in multiple different colors and designs.

Additionally, the organization is completely nonprofit as well, and even donates their prosthetics to children and families without charging them a dime. 434 promises the devices will be available sometime next year.