343 Industries teases Ghosts of Meridian, coming in April for Halo 5: Guardians

Arif Bacchus

Halo 5 Guardians

With 16 teams from around the world meeting in Hollywood to determine which was the best squad in the world, this year’s Halo World Championships were the most watch Halo Championship in history. Now fresh off that competition, 343 Industries has moved on to tease Halo fans with content that will be seen in the upcoming Ghosts of Meridian content pack.

In a blog post, 343 Industries gives a sneak peek at the new maps, vehicles, weapons, weapons skins, armors and helmets which will head into Halo 5.  The full story line details on each of these new contents can be seen below.

Tartarus’ Gavel:

Tartarus’ Gavel
Tartarus’ Gavel

During his ascent to power within the Covenant, Tartarus used his relationship with the Prophets to reward loyal lieutenants with advanced weaponry secretly forged within the Sacred Promissory. These vicious and unique instruments of war helped assure the rise in both position and influence of his own pack, and cemented key loyalties when grander machinations began to unfold.

Hannibal Scorpion:

Hannival Scorpion
Hannibal Scorpion

This is but one of Hannibal Weapon Systems’ tank test beds fitted with the latest in vehicle-borne directed energy weapons. Advanced Scorpion with heavy armor and fast-discharge laser currently undergoing trials within UNSC Infinity War Games.

Hannibal Mantis:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.02.45 AM

Hannibal works closely with the UNSC in its efforts to incorporate new weapons technology on existing vehicle chassis. Advanced Mantis with heavy armor, rapid-fire gauss cannon, and experimental ion field missile warheads.

Dynast Armor:

Dynast Armor
Dynast Armor

The DYNAST is a “brawler” armor variant that excels in close-range firefights through a combination of resilience and improved situational awareness.

Speaktacular Emblem:

Steaktacular Emblem
Steaktacular Emblem

The glorious Steaktacular emblem is ultra rare, because, hey, everyone loves a good steak.

These few items are only a small portion of what is to come in the Ghosts of Meridian pack. If this wave of reveals sounded good to you, you can stay tuned to our Halo 5 Guardians New Hub for more details as more content is revealed.