343 Industries talks Halo: Fractures, Halo Championship Series, and more in new Community Update

Michael Cottuli

343 Industries has put out another community update for Halo fans that love to stay up to date with the latest goings on. While there’s no official announcement of what the next content patch is going to be, there’s a ton of things to keep you occupied if you want to give it a read – as well as a short teaser confirming that, yes, a new content update is inbound. Needless to say, you should give the community update a read – it’s full of news, interviews, and more.

The biggest news this week has got to be the successful launch of Halo: Fractures, which is an anthology of Halo stories that dig into the peripheral of Halo’s story from several different perspectives, as recent as post-Halo 5 and as ancient as the age of the Forerunners. There’s a very lengthy interview with the writers of Fractures that can give you a lot of insight into the book, including what it was like to write it, and how the new direction of Halo 5’s story influenced the direction of a book like Fractures. (Author’s note: I’ve been listening to the audio book of Fractures in my off time and, while I’m not finished yet, this book is really good. If you’re a Halo fan, Fractures has my personal recommendation.)

The update also talked about Halo’s newest Twitter page, @HaloGear. The page does just about what you’d expect it to do with a game like that: promote and sometimes give away some of the awesome Halo merchandise that’s currently filling Microsoft store shelves. Right now, the @HaloGear page is doing a giveaway of the MA5 BOOMco Blaster. If you want to enter to win this thing, just follow the Twitter page and retweet the giveaway below. Just remember, @k_wolfkill is not included in the giveaway. Nor is that awesome art in the background.

There was plenty of other stuff sprinkled throughout the update for you to peruse at your leisure, including some information on the next Open event in the Halo Championship Series, which should prove to be a pretty fun watch for those who are fans of Halo eSports. Also for those who watch Halo eSports, the play of the week for this update was an amazing no-scope from Ninja, which won Evil Geniuses an incredibly clutch match. Throw all of that in with some tweets from fans about their favorite Halo-related mementos, an interview with community forger ArturBloodshot, and the trailer for a new machinima “Black Mamba,” and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid community update.

While it would be nice to have an announcement for the next content update, it’s awesome to have all of this community love in one place to help tide us over. Halo fans should also probably be busy reading Fractures for a while, so it’s fine that we’ve got to wait a little bit longer for 343 to work out existing bugs before they launch a new set of content for us to sink our teeth into. We’ll be keeping an eye out for new content as soon as it’s announced.