343 Industries talks about Halo Infinite Season 4 launch

David Allen

That’s right Halo fans, Season 4: Infection launches right around the corner on June 20th.  343 Industries’ development team members spoke with Xbox Wire about what they have ready for Season 4 and what’s to come.

Infection has a bit of Halo history first appearing as a custom game in Halo 2, and graduating to the official playlists in Halo 3.  Infection is the classic zombies versus survivors setup, everyone starts out as a survivor, except for one Alpha Infected.  Once killed, and infected you switch sides.  The mission is to be on the survivors’ side and make it to the end of the round.  For Season 4, one of the new touches added means weapons spawn on the bodies of the dead at random, meaning you can’t map out a way to the best loot.  Infected players can also be waiting in the weeds to ambush you.  The longer you stay alive, the more points you earn.

The battlefield has been touched up as well all maps have been updated with unique touches to fit the Infection narrative, including special versions of nine maps.  New sections have been added to some maps, and updated barricades to keep things fresh.   One of the biggest struggles for Halo Infinite in its first year as a live service has been keeping the content pipeline primed.  Season 4 marks the third consecutive time the team has been able to get content out on time.

Season  4 also brings the launch of a new Career Rank system, new maps, equipment and more.  With the additions to the game over the past six months and a bright future have the team energized for what’s to come.  Now is a perfect time to jump back into Halo Infinite if you’ve been away.