300 or so QA workers at Microsoft-owned Zenimax are forming a union

Robert Collins

Over 300 quality assurance workers at Zenimax Studios are in the process of forming a union to be known as Zenimax Workers United. The Zenimax union will be the first group of workers at Microsoft to formally unionize, according to the group’s announcement post on Twitter, organizing in collaboration with (The Campaign to Organize Digital Employees) CODE-CWA, which also was involved with the formation of Activision’s ABK Workers Alliance.

In a follow-up post the account laid out what it hopes to secure through the Zenimax union, including “wages commensurate with the value we provide,” as well as “accountability + transparency” from management.

Only four days ago on December 2nd, the QA department at Blizzard’s Albany N.Y. location voted to form Activision Blizzard’s second union (the first was formed earlier this year at Raven Software) after the vote was delayed by a real-life blizzard.

Zenimax is probably best known as the former parent company of Bethesda, and is currently a Microsoft subsidiary since being acquired in a $7.5 billion deal in 2021.

Featured image via Zenimax.