Here are three new and innovative Kinect apps that just arrived in the Windows Store

Dave W. Shanahan

3 new and innovative Kinect apps arrive to Windows Store

Recently, the Windows Store added its first Kinect apps to its app lineup. The Kinect for Windows developer community requested the ability to create Windows Store applications using the Kinect for Windows sensor. Microsoft has finally delivered the developers’ request with the public release of the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0. Now, we are begining to see Kinect apps appear in the Windows Store.

Developers’ ability to sell Kinect applications through the Windows Store means that they can reach more businesses and consumers with the Kinect for Windows and the Kinect for Xbox One. There are three new Kinect apps that were just released and they are quite a promising few.

The first, Comparisons with Kaju, is a children’s learning tool that is created by developer Nayi Disha, a leader in educational software in India and the United States. Comparisons with Kaju will help children learn about number values through movement, music, and storytelling. It’s a creative game that utilizes the Kinect for Windows sensor by interacting with children. In one instance, Kaju must jump from number to number, saying the numbers as he jumps. However, Kaju will not jump unless the child or children jump and say the correct number. The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor can interact with multiple people at one time so several children can learn together; a great activity in the classroom or in the living room. 

3 new and innovative Kinect apps arrive to Windows Store

There are two other apps are more on the technical side, but that doesn’t mean they are not any fun. YAKiT is an animation app where you can make animations using the Kinect for Windows sensor. You don’t necessarily need the Kinect sensor to use the app, but you may be missing out on some of the fun. With the Kinect for Windows sensor, you can use your body to make animations and act as your own star in your own comic strip. 

The third app, 3D Builder, takes the Kinect for Windows sensor to the next level, allowing you to make a 3D scan of your surroundings using the Kinect for Windows sensor. You can scan pets, people, and just about any object you can get in front of the Kinect for Windows sensor. 3D Builder has a number of great possibilities and an endless amount of applications for consumers and businesses.  Take a look at the amazing demo video below to see the 3D Builder in action.

So if you are interested, check out the three new apps for Kinect, Comparisons with Kaju ($9.99), YAKiT (free), and 3D Builder (free), now available in the Windows Store.