3 more hidden features in Windows 8


Aside from the Computex and D9 conferences, it has been pretty quiet in the Windows 8 scene. But new information was revealed today indicating that Windows 8 will get better crash-detection features, a 3G/Wi-Fi/WWAN Cost Limiter and a taskbar with multi-monitor support.

As ITWorld reports, three new hidden features were discovered in Windows 8 that showcase a 3G/Wi-Fi/WWAN Cost Limiter, better crash-detection features, and a taskbar with multi-monitor support.

3G/Wi-Fi/WWAN Cost Limiter.

This new feature will help users cap data transfers on 3G, 4G, WiFi, and WWAN connections. From the information discovered within the group policies, administrators can set the connection to Unrestricted, Fixed, or Variable. The Variable setting allows for a “cost per byte” basis to help the user keep his mobile costs down.

Administrators can also disable mobile roaming connections for their users too. All these nee tidbits make sense as Microsoft is planning on pushing Windows 8 to the mobile market.

Crash detection feature.

It was also discovered that Windows 8 will have a a set of group policies that are unique to Windows 8. The Program Compatibility Assistant and overall stability of the system are being fine tuned. Hidden inside the group policies was a setting that related to a more advanced application crash monitor which is reportedly able to detect and solve software compatibility issues. The new Program Compatibility Assistant also detects a denied access to deleted files and system files, which ultimately helps decrease issues that come up from these type of system operations. Another hidden gem found inside Windows 8 is the ability to reduce crashes by isolating print drivers from applications.

A multi-monitor taskbar.

Yet another new hidden gem found in Windows 8. This new feature will please many hardcore computer users. Found via the settings screen (see below for screenshot), there seems to be a “Multiple Display” section under the “Taskbar Properties” dialog.

During the 2008 PDC Windows 7 presentation, Microsoft did mention something about Windows 8 and its taskbar. “Hopefully in Windows 8, we can actually get around doing a proper implementation of the multi-monitor taskbar.” None of the leaked builds of Windows 8 have this neat feature and we expect to see and read more about it in the near future.

Here is a mock-up of what the taskbar would look like with multi-monitor support:

Microsoft recently showed off a new Start screen that resembles the tiled home screen of Windows Phone 7 which will offer a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps. When using existing desktop applications, the interface goes to a very Windows 7-like desktop.

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