Meta’s Connect Conference joins a growing list of “techtober” events on October 11

Kareem Anderson

Meta-Metaverse VR

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook will host its second Connect conference almost a month from now, on October 11, 2022.

Last year, Meta’s Connect conference served as the unveiling of Facebooks new branding showcase as well as the company’s pivot from social media site to a metaverse-focused platform.

Since the inaugural launch of Meta’s Connect conference, a lot has transpired for the company both from a technological standpoint as well as a developmental one and while the invite remains a placeholder date and nothing more, many expect Meta to unveil a new VR headset, how the metaverse platform is expanding, as well as what developers can do to get a leg up on the new multi-level platform.

Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently discussed the company’s updated VR headset on the Joe Rogan podcast while still being light on specifics, Zuckerberg hinted at facial tracking, life-like Metaverse avatars and a price point a bit higher than the current Oculus headset.

Meta will have its worked cut out for itself during the Connect conference to not only sway developers but assuage investor concerns as the company dumps billions into the future-leaning project while simultaneously attempting to keep current Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users on its aging platforms.

Between Facebook bleeding core demo attention, Instagram’s proposed pivot to video, continued privacy issues, declining advertiser revenue and WhatsApp outages wiping out millions in small business revenue, the company might have trouble drumming up enthusiasm for yet another Facebook platform from advertisers, developers and users this time around.