261 Windows 8 education apps now available in the Windows Store


Microsoft’s Education blog has announced that as of October 15th, just 1 week before the official launch of Windows 8, there are 261 education apps available in the Windows Store. With more apps appearing as the days go by, the Windows Store is being flooded with app choices!

“Another ten days has gone by, and the number of Windows 8 education apps has increased to 261. We’re still a couple of weeks from launch, and there’s more appearing all the time. 183 of the apps are free, 35 are paid apps that offer a trial and 43 are paid apps without a trial,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft even highlighted three apps from various schools, including Stanford University. The Stanford University app features recorded lectures and talks, but our question is, why do we need this app if we don’t care to listen to recorded lectures or even go to this University? A truly mind boggling question. Either way, if this strikes your fancy, head over to the source link to grab these apps.