256GB Surface Pro to be available in Japan on June 7th, comes with Office 2013 Home & Business


Surface Pro in Japan

While those of us in the United States have to stick with either a 64GB or 128GB model, those in Japan are fortunate enough to purchase a 256GB variant of the Surface Pro starting June 7th.

This detail comes from Microsoft Japan who have announced that the Surface Pro will be available in Japan starting June 7th. There will only be two models available, the 128GB and 256GB. The 64GB will not be sold. Pricing for the devices will range from 99,800 JPY ($975 USD) for the 128GB and 19,800 JPY ($1,170 USD) for the 256GB.

Microsoft Japan is also offering Office 2013 Home & Business pre-installed on either the 128GB or 256GB Surface Pro models. And lets not forget that the Surface Pro runs Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. On top of the Office 2013, Japanese consumers also have access to exclusive Touch Cover accessories.

So for those of you in Japan who are looking to purchase a Surface Pro device with larger disk space, prepare to dish out some money! No word if the 256GB model will appear in the United States, or any other region for that matter.