24 arrested in New Delhi over Microsoft tech support scams

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft Logo

Tech support scams are a common method used to trick people into handing over access to their personal devices, such as computers. It involves a person, or persons, pretending to work on behalf of another company, such as Microsoft, to offer support to unsuspecting customers. Once contact is made, the scammer tries to encourage the victim to deliver access to their computer through remote support software.

These scammers often pretend to work for, or on behalf of, Microsoft. They can lure customers in using malicious adverts that offer support, using malware to request customers call them, or other means.

Over in New Delhi, India, 24 scammers have been arrested for partaking in a Microsoft tech support scam (via NDTV). The arrests involve multiple companies, including ABS World Pro Click, Rise Solutions, Pegasus, Printer Tech, Instant PC Care, Pc Patchers technology Pvt. Ltd. , ABS World, Pro Click services, ACS (Electronics & telecom e service), PAG Service Private Ltd, Star Enterprises, Tech Heracles and C-Zone. These companies were running call centres from their premises, as well as used fake websites and malicious advertisings to attract victims.

Authorities in New Delhi have seized call recordings, Microsoft Support training material, payment gateway records, and servers. Victims were charged between $100 – $500 for the fake support services.

Microsoft has said that they received complaints from customers who had been tricked by these scammers. The investigation is continuing.