22tracks teams up with Microsoft, rethinks the music discovery experience on the Web


22tracks teams up with Microsoft to bring responsive and functional website

Music discovery service 22tracks has teamed up with Microsoft to bring an HTML5 laced interactive website. Revolving around touch based input, the service now sports a new music control panel making it easier to perform various playback operations.

The company claims that the site is now fully responsive — basically what it means is that it will provide you native client-like experience. The responsiveness of the site can be enjoyed from any device – be it your computer, tablet or smartphone.

“The new 22tracks is a collaboration with Vincent and Gilles to combine the best of music, design, and HTML5 web standard technology together. With more users than ever before visiting on touch-optimized mobile devices, we knew we needed a site that was more than search, play, and share,.” a blog post reads.

In addition, the service has also introduced a new interactive audio visualizer. The feature automatically changes track’s rhythm. Furthermore, thanks to the tie-up, you will be able to download, listen and buy tracks from Xbox Music. Head over to www.22tracks.com to check it out!