2017 Killer Instinct World Cup announced

Arif Bacchus

The last few weeks have been busy for fans of the Killer Instinct series. From new characters and accessories, to just last week Season 3 of Killer Instinct finally going live, delivering fans a list of new content. Now this week the Killer Instinct team is now announcing the Killer Instinct World Cup.

The announcement was made on the Killer Instinct website by Brandon Alexander, head of the Killer Instinct World Cup.  Brandon mentioned that to qualify for the World Cup, any gamer with a Xbox One or Windows 10 PC must enter the 8 Bit Beatdown Tournaments first. Essentially, this means fans of the series can qualify from the comfort of their own homes.

Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct

In addition, Brandon also announced that once you achieve Killer Tier in the ranked leagues, you can start competing for the top 32. All of the top 32 will then receive Killer Instinct World Cup points for the season.

He also goes on in the post to mention several offline tournaments for this season of the Killer Instinct World Cup. These tournaments called Kombo Klash are the only way to earn points offline for Killer Instinct World Cup 2017.  Every one of these sanctioned events is also a Premiere Event for the Killer Instinct World Cup. The complete list of locations can be seen below:

  1. Texas Showdown (4/22-24, Houston, Texas)
  2. Northwest Majors (4/29-5/1, Des Moines, Washington)
  3. Combo Breaker 2016 (5/27-29, St. Charles, Illinois)
  4. CEO (Community Effort Orlando, 6/24-26, Orlando Florida)
  5. Kombo Klash (8/6-7, San Antonio, Texas)
  6. Absolute Battle (8/26-28, Dallas, TX)
  7. Heart of Battle (12/2-4, Houston, Texas)
  8. Kumite In Tennessee (1/6-8/2017 and location TBA)
  9. Kombo Klash Netherlands (Date and location TBA)
  10. Kombo Klash France (Date and location TBA)
  11. Kombo Klash Canada (Date and location TBA)
  12. Kombo Klash Community Choice (Date and location TBA)

Killer Instinct list of characters.
Killer Instinct list of characters.

If your city is not on the list, you should not be worried, as Brandon wants the community to have a part in deciding a tournament location. Later this year a poll will be up on ultra-combo.com where you fans and vote to give your city a tournament.

If this tournament sounds interesting, you can learn more about it and discuss the event by visiting the Killer Instinct World Cup community.  More information will be available in the coming weeks once the Killer Instinct World Cup website launches.