2015 was a big year for Microsoft Translator

Brad Stephenson

It’s been quite a big year for Microsoft’s Microsoft Translator service which has added a host of new features since this time last year. The official Microsoft Translator blog just posted a little retrospective blog post that looks back on some of its more noteworthy accomplishments and among some of the highlights are the sheer number of new languages added to the service, the new Microsoft Translator apps that launched on both Apple and Android devices, the new Windows 10 Microsoft Translator app, and the integration of native translations into Cortana.

One of the more interesting Microsoft Translator developments in 2015 however was the development of Microsoft’s Skype Translator which merged the Microsoft Translator and Skype technologies into one service that could not only translate text-to-speech but could also translate live Skype calls. We recorded a video of our own little test run with Skype Translator back when it was first released and were pleasantly surprised by how functional the service actually was.

Have you been using any of Microsoft Translator’s new tools that premiered in 2015? If so, which ones do you use the most? Let us know in the comments below.