Windows 8 Pro to be $199 after promotional offer ends

Zac Bowden

Wow, remember that 69.99 promotional offer that Microsoft is offering with Windows 8 when it launches later this year? Yeah, it’s quite a big offer, since the product itself will cost $199 after the offer expires. Which is the same price as the current Windows 7 Professional edition.

Is it a surprise that Microsoft jumped this high for retail pricing? No, it was always expected. Since the 69.99 offer was just an offer that would eventually expire, we always knew a more expensive price point would show afterwards. Some expected Microsoft to stick with 69.99 after the offer expired, but it doesn’t seem like they’re up for that.

If you’re planning to purchase Windows 8 Pro for Christmas, don’t worry. The promotional offer doesn’t end until January 31st 2013, so you’ve got around 3 months from when Windows 8 is released, to the end of January 2013. The promotional offer will last through the holiday season.

Obviously, this price point hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft, it has just been stated by sources who are familiar with Microsofts plans, so read with caution.