19,000 flight attendants on Delta Air Lines now equipped with Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones


Delta Air Lines

Microsoft has announced today that Delta Air Lines will now equip more than 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phone 8 devices. More specifically, the flight attendants will have Nokia Lumia 820 devices to run credit cards, perform seat upgrades, and more.

“Windows Phone is about to rack up some serious frequent flier miles. Delta Air Lines today said that it’s equipped 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Using the Lumia 820 smartphone, flight attendants can now run credit card information for those who want to purchase snacks, upgrade their seats, rent headsets, and make other in-flight purchases. Delta Air Lines can also utilize these smartphones, along with Microsoft Dynamics and Avanade, to allow for electronic receipts and coupons.

“The phones will also handle passenger manifests, frequent flyer info, connecting gate updates, and flight attendant scheduling updates,” Microsoft added. “The unique Windows Phone Live Tiles provide the latest information at a glance, including local weather details and flight tracking information from the Delta Fly app. In addition, flight attendants are more connected and productive with Microsoft Office integration and linked email inboxes.”

Delta currently serves more than 160 million customers a year. With these Lumia 820 Windows Phone devices now added to the in-flight experience, customers can now enjoy a slightly more convenient flight.