170,686 apps in the Windows Store: The top-five free, paid, and trending apps as of September 7th


In late August, Microsoft revealed that more than 1500 apps were being removed from the Windows Store. These weren’t just any apps. In fact, these apps that were removed were considered fake or misleading. This was a part of Microsoft’s new effort in cleaning up the Windows Store, after complaints of fake apps had increased.

On top of the removal of fake apps, Microsoft put together a new set of rules when it comes to publishing apps to the Windows Store. Apps that are submitted to the Windows Store need to be clearly named and accurately reflect the functionality of the app. The submitted app must also be categorized according to the app function and purpose, and the app must also be differentiated to avoid being mistaken with others.

With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the total worldwide app count in the Windows Store is currently at 170,686, as of September 7th. To put things in perspective, there were a total of 170,976 apps in early July. That number dropped to 170,535 for the month of August. So as you can see, Microsoft is indeed removing fake or scam apps from the Windows Store.

Enough of the grim stuff, lets take a look at the top-five free, paid, and trending apps in the Windows Store. Perhaps you can find yourself your new favorite app! Let’s begin.

As of September 7th, the top-five free apps are Facebook, Skype, Netflix, Google Search, and Tube Free. The top-five paid apps are Plex, FL Studio Groove, Essential Anatomy 3, Drawboard PDF, and MyRadar Weather Radar. The top-five trending apps are NFL on Windows 8, NFL Sunday Ticket, Downloader.YouTube, Snapper, and CBS Sports Fantasy.

How do you feel about Microsoft’s active approach in removing fake or scam apps from the Windows Store? Microsoft finally seems to be placing an emphasis on quality over quantity.