15 million players are now Grounded

Robert Collins

The team behind the hit survival game Grounded at Obsidian Entertainment (the developer also behind another recent Game Pass release, Pentiment) have announced via Xbox Wire that 15 million players have taken to the Backyard.

The game was only fully released (though the beta is on Xbox Game Pass) a few months ago, which puts the 15 million player mark in perspective and makes all the more impressive.

The premise of Grounded centers around a group of young friends who find themselves accidentally shrunk to miniature versions of themselves (don’t you just hate when that happens?) and must brave the perils of the backyard—giant grasshoppers, giant ladybugs, giant everything!—while working together to figure out how to set things to rights.

Players will need to keep their in-game avatars adequately nourished and hydrated as the game incorporates survival elements. One of the newest gameplay elements is the introduction of zip lines, which will no doubt add a new exciting layer to exploration.

Image via Xbox Wire.

Grounded is available for Xbox Game Pass as previously mentioned, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC Game Pass with Windows 10 or 11, PC Steam, and via Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta)