123,494 total apps in the Windows Store and the best/top Windows 8.1 apps as of Oct 27th


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It’s now time to take a look at the top, best, and most popular Windows 8.1 and Windows RT apps available in the Windows Store. We will go over some stats for the Windows Store, including the top five paid apps and top five free apps. This is yet another post in our feature called “Windows Store Sunday” where we highlight what’s going on with the Windows Store.

As of October 27th, there are 123,494 apps in the Windows Store, an increase of 2,311 apps in just two weeks. The top free apps this week includes the official Facebook app, which was released alongside the Windows 8.1 update on October 17th. Other apps on the top-free list include Netflix and Skype. The top-paid apps remain the same.

The Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT received an update this week and the update simply featured bug fixes. Microsoft also rolled out the official Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition settings app for those who purchased the accessory for their new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 device.

Microsoft also rolled out two updates to the official Facebook app since the app was released on October 17th. Both updates were minor and addressed bugs and added performance improvements.

For those of you who use SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online via your Office 365 subscription, Microsoft released an update to the SkyDrive Pro app for Windows 8.1 recently. In this update, Microsoft adds the ability to view photos in-app, upload folders and all files, open and save files from other apps, and other unnamed bug fixes.

The official Wikipedia app on Windows 8.1 received an update that features a new search input in the app. This search input takes advantage of the new search capabilities in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft faced a bit of heat on October 17th when the company released the Windows RT 8.1 update. Users experienced a boot error upon installing the update from the Windows Store, resulting in Microsoft pulling the update. Microsoft eventually re-released the Windows RT 8.1 update for consumers.

The top five free apps in the United States based on popularity are:

Here are the top five paid apps currently in the Windows Store:

Stay tuned for next week’s Windows Store highlight!