118,629 total apps in the Windows Store and the best/top Windows 8 apps as of Sept 29th


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It’s now time to take a look at the top, best, and most popular Windows 8 and Windows RT apps available in the Windows Store. We will go over some stats for the Windows Store, including the top five paid apps and top five free apps. This is yet another post in our weekly feature called “Windows Store Sunday” where we highlight what’s going on with the Windows Store.

As of September 29th, there are 118,629 in the Windows Store, an increase of 1,293 apps in just one week. Compared to last week, three of the top five apps remained on the list including Netflix, Skype, and Google Search. The list saw two new additions, which included a new app called Nutjitsu and the Microsoft Solitare Collection.

In the top-five paid list, we have seen some new additions. These include the Where’s my Water and Where’s My Perry apps, which have now taken the lead. The Music ++ app has taken third place and lets you search, browse, and download music!

As Windows 8.1 approaches general availability on October 18th, Microsoft is slowly showcasing each of the new apps that are bundled with Windows 8.1. This week, Microsoft showcased the new Reading List app that offers users a cool bookmark for content to be viewed at a later time.

Microsoft rolled out an update to the Xbox Music app this week, adding improvements and fixing to the cloud collection experience.

This past week we also learned that Microsoft is planning to merge both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into one mega store in an upcoming version of Windows. We also learned that the entire development process for Windows and Windows Phone will also be unified.

The top five free apps in the United States based on popularity are:

Here are the top five paid apps currently in the Windows Store:

Stay tuned for next week’s Windows Store highlight!