10 free tools for getting work done on your Mac


The guys over at Computerworld have a list of 10 free tools that can increase your productivity on your Mac. Here is a quick rundown of what they suggested.

TextEdit is generally considered a basic text editor, it does support styled text and multiple fonts.

NeoOffice, a Mac OS X port of the open-source OpenOffice suite, is available for both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

OpenOffice does offer a slightly more intuitive interface such as a more detailed dialog of options for creating new documents with a gallery-style view.

iGTD is a comprehensive task and project-management tool for Mac OS X.

Evernote is a more modest task- and information-management tool that you can access anywhere.

Buddi is an open-source personal accounting tool.

Balance is a personal finance manager with a little bit more polish than Buddi.

BootCamp allows users to partition their hard drives into separate Mac and Windows volumes and install Windows XP or Vista.

VirtualBox is a Virtualization software that allows Windows to run alongside Mac OS X as a guest OS in a virtual PC.

ClamXAV is based on the open-source Unix ClamAV application, this tool offers solid virus-detection capabilities.

What tools do you use that increases your productivity? Post your comments!