5 Best Tools to Repair Corrupted Files on a Windows PC 

Shaant Minhas

windows 10 or 11

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Your Windows files can become corrupted for the inexplicable of reasons. An abrupt shutdown, a malware attack, or even an incomplete update—all of them can contribute to the corruption of your Windows files in one way or another.

Luckily, you don’t have to put up with it on a Windows computer. While many in-built methods such as restart can fix one-off problems, others might require a more professional approach. This is where third-party tools can help you out. Indeed, in 2023 many tools can repair your Windows and get your files back to normal almost instantly. We have rounded up some of them and will give you a quick intro into all of them. So let’s jump right in.

1. FixWin 11

As its name suggests, the FixWin 11 can rescue your Windows computer from all sorts of troubles with the help of different troubleshooters that it provides.

The tool comes with six different sections, each offering you a different set of apps for fixing various troubles on your PC. For instance, if you look at the Troubleshooters section, you will find tools like Power Troubleshooter, Printer Troubleshooter, IE Safety Troubleshooter, etc.

In short, there’s a relevant troubleshooter for everything.

Download: FixWin 11 (Free)

2. CCleaner

 CCleaner is perhaps the most well-known repair and cleaning app among Windows users. While their aggressive marketing campaigns play a significant role in all this, it’s hard to deny its handy features and clean UI. 

Apart from the “cleaning” capabilities, the tool offers many other features such as PC health checks, one-place app updates, optimization of your other PC apps, etc.

The complete list of features is locked behind a paid subscription, but you can always try out a free version and then make up your mind from there.

Download: CCleaner (Free)

3. Windows Repair

Again, as its name suggests, Windows Repair works by helping you remove a variety of Windows issues.

Like other tools on this list, Windows Repair offers a collection of small tools that all work in tandem to give you a hassle-free Windows experience.

Apart from the regular troubleshooters or fixers, the Windows Repair app offers you different ways to get different crashed apps to work again; on offer are different things like broken file permissions, incomplete Windows updates, open repair, and so on.   

Download:  Windows Repair (Free)

4. IoBit Advanced SystemCare

Another popular tool that has proved itself over the years in the Windows tool repair market is the IoBit Advanced SytemCare Free tool. 

Available as a limited free version, the app offers features such as regular privacy checkups, registry fix-ups, spyware removal, etc.

So once you get the tool, you have to click on a single button, and the selected troubleshooter will take care of the rest.

Download: IoBit Advanced SystemCare (Free)

5. BleachBit

If you are into open-source software, you will love BleachBit. Packed with privacy tools and other cleaning tasks, the app helps remove unnecessary files and improve privacy protection with a few clicks.

Since the tool is open-source, you can modify and tweak the codebase to your liking. Again, the same open-source feature also makes it available for free.

Download: BleachBit (Free)

The Best Windows Repair Tools on a Windows PC

Using Windows doesn’t have to be complicated. Like any tool, however, Windows can occasionally throw out errors or other complications at you. The plethora of repair tools from Windows makes these errors easy to sort through, though. Just download the tools, run a relevant scan and you will be good to go in a few minutes in most cases.