How to open Command Prompt in a specific Windows 10 file directory

Staff Writer

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We have all done it, wanted to point CMD to a directory of our PC and spelling out the world’s longest directory and inconceivable folder names – only to find, you misspelled one word and didn’t get to the directory you needed. Frustrated, you keep trying, until you give up and go do something else with your life and become thankful that we no longer use computers that require command inputs to do anything. But, did you know you can just open up a CMD in the folder you’re currently looking at? Well, I’m about to show you how.

I personally use the command window A LOT. Thanks to the quick and easy tip, I can open command prompts wherever I so please, it’s a great! First things first, open up the folder in “Windows File Explorer” you want CMD to be directed to.


Next, navigate your way to “File“, click, and move on down to “Open command prompt” Once there, you have a choice of opening a new command prompt in either “normal” mode or run it as an admin, if you’re using scripts or executing other commands, admin is always a good choice.


You should now have a new command window with your desired directory, woop!


I hope you found this quick tip useful! Let us know down below.

Editor’s note: This feature is not new to Windows 10. This how-to is intended for those who are unaware of the feature described above.