How to join the Xbox Ambassadors program

Dave W. Shanahan

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Update: this post has been updated with changes to the program – for more information, see How to become an Xbox Ambassador: Updated for 2019

The Xbox Ambassadors program is a community program that recognizes Xbox Live gamers and rewards them for organizing community events, advocating for the Xbox brand, and more. With the Xbox Ambassadors program, you can earn experience points (XP) for completing Xbox Missions to level up through different program tiers and participate in special Xbox sweepstakes to win Xbox One consoles, games, accessories, and more.

Am I eligible to join the Xbox Ambassadors Program?

To be eligible to join the Xbox Ambassadors program, you must:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Have a Xbox Gamerscore of 1500 and above
  • Have an active Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Have no previous Enforcement actions on your Xbox Live account

I am eligible, now how do I join the Xbox Ambassadors program?

Once you know you are eligible to be an Xbox Ambassador, joining is relatively easy. Just go to the Xbox Ambassadors website and clicking “Join Today.” You’ll then be prompted to sign in with the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox Live Gamertag.

Join Xbox Ambassadors, Microsoft, Xbox
Xbox Ambassador homepage

Once you sign in with your Microsoft account, it may take up to 96 hours (4 days) for Microsoft to confirm your eligibility and set up your Xbox Ambassadors account. Check back at the Xbox Ambassadors website to see if your account is ready.

Microsoft, Xbox Ambassadors, Xbox
Xbox Ambassador details page

I am an Xbox Ambassador, now what?

Now that you are an Xbox Ambassador, you can get started on earning XP and completing Xbox Missions. Xbox Missions are specified with a specific set of activities to gain the listed reward(s). In the case below, the reward is an Xbox Ambassador Lanyard and an Xbox Ambassador Exclusive E3 2016 pin.

Microsoft, Xbox Ambassador Missions, Xbox
Xbox Ambassador Mission example

Can I talk about being a part of the Xbox Ambassadors on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube?

Absolutely. Microsoft wants you to proudly declare your love for all things Xbox on all social media. All Microsoft wants you to do is to include #XboxAmbassadors when displaying your social media content.

Please note: if you are sharing content on YouTube on behalf of Xbox Ambassadors, Microsoft would prefer you use the following statement:

“I am a member of the Xbox Ambassadors Program and can earn different rewards and recognition for my involvement. To learn more about what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador, visit”

Where can I find more information about being an Xbox Ambassador?

If you have more questions about being an Xbox Ambassador, you can contact the Xbox Ambassadors Team via email at [email protected], @XboxAmbassadors on Twitter, post a question in the Official Xbox Ambassadors Forums, or visit the Xbox Ambassadors FAQ. You can also ask me, I am an Xbox Ambassador. My Xbox Live Gamertag is DavidVanDamage. If I don’t know the answer, we can always find an Xbox Ambassador who does!