How to share WiFi using WiFi Sense on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL


Lumia 950

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Windows 10 Mobile comes with a cool feature called WiFi Sense, which allows you to share WiFi with your friends or your family members. Setting it up on your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL is really easy, here’s how.

First of all, make sure your friend or family member has WiFi Sense enabled on their phone, as well as on your phone. Go into the Settings app, tap on Network & Wireless, and tap on WiFi. There will be a button called WiFi Sense. Tap on it and set both options to on. You can share your WiFi with your contacts, Skype contacts, and/or Facebook friends.

You can give and get Internet access without telling each other your shared passwords. You can get connected to WiFi networks your contacts share and they’ll get connected to the networks you share. How cool is that?

You will also need to go into Settings > Network & Wireless > WiFi, and tap on the network you are connected to. From there, you will see an option to Share network with my contacts. Simply check that box and you are set.

There it is guys, a super simple way for you to share WiFi with your family or friends.