How to switch back to the Start Screen in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Zac Bowden

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Windows 10

With the new Windows Technical Preview, Microsoft has re-introduced the Start Menu for desktop users. Many are happy with the return of said feature, however we understand that a few of you are not happy with it and would much rather use the old-trusty Start Screen. Do not fret, we have you covered.

It’s entirely possible to go back to the Start Screen in the Windows Technical Preview, and it’s pretty simple too. Follow our simple tutorial below and we’ll have you right back on your tiled-interface in no time.

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar, select properties
  2. Navigate to the Start Menu tab
  3. Tick “Use Start Screen instead of Start Menu”
  4. Sign out and Sign in again

And there you have it, your Start Screen is back, just like you remember it. Microsoft is yet to begin updating the touch-interface in the Windows Technical Preview, however we do know features like interactive live-tiles and folders as well as a Notification Center are coming soon.