How to copy files in Windows 10 or Windows 11 using Command prompt (Cmd)

Shaant Minhas

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Copying your files doesn’t have to be troublesome. But, if you’re a Cmd poweruser, you probably don’t like to deal with your PC with your mouse—you know, the usual GUI way. Thankfully, there’s a way out. You can also use the Command prompt for copying your files in Windows 10 or Windows 11. Here’s how.

How to copy your Windows files using Cmd

You can copy your files with Command prompt through different commands. Here’s how you can get started. Go to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘cmd,’ and select the best match. In the Command prompt, first move to the directory where you’ve saved your files. Once you’re in the directory, type in the following command and hit Enter:

copy myfile.txt c:\my\location

Here, copy is the command for copying your file, “myfile.txt” is the file that you want to copy, followed by “d:\my\location,” which denotes the place you would like to paste your files to.

Copying multiple files at a single go

If you’ve got a large number of files, however, then copying them one at a time is not really an attractive proposition—moving them at a single go is what you’re looking for instead.

You can rely on the xcopy command for this, and move around multiple directories at a single go. To run the xcopy command, enter the following syntax in the Cmd:

xcopy *.* /h NewFolder

In the example above, the Xcopy command copies all the files, including the hidden ones, from the current directory into the new directory.

Copying files in Windows 10 or Windows 11 using Command prompt

So now that you’ve successfully copied all your Windows files using Cmd, don’t forget to give other features of Command prompt a try.