Windows 10 news recap: Possible Aero return, fbl_awesome, and even more fixes

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Another week of Windows 10 news is behind us, meaning there’s exactly one month until Microsoft unveil a new build for Windows Insiders. This week kicked off with Microsoft hinting at the return of Aero glass. With the software giant’s renewed focus on customer feedback with Windows 10, there is a good chance of Aero making a comeback, provided enough people vote for it that is.

Also this week, Microsoft released a number of new hotfixes for Windows 10 build 9879 (yeah, we forgot that build existed too). The two hotfixes have rolled out just recently and are available via Windows Update. Many Windows Technical Preview users who are running build 9879 have been experiencing frequent Explorer.exe crashes and Microsoft has taken time to fix these issues going into the new year.

Furthermore, Microsoft spoke more about the upcoming January Technical Preview in an official blog post. The company announced that they’ve got an exciting build to share in January. It’ll be part of the FBL_AWESOME branch and include a ton of UX changes and new features.

Microsoft also announced that they are working on fixing “dirty shutdowns” within Windows 10, which is when Windows shuts down without a Blue Screen. With the current development of Windows 10, Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul has taken it to Twitter to reveal that less data is given when a Windows system performs a “dirty shutdown,” so it is harder to dissect and figure out what is causing it.

And finally, it was revealed that there are over 1,500,000 Windows Insiders, and aroung 450,000 of those testers are considered “highly active” — meaning they are using the latest build of Windows 10 every day “putting it through its paces.”

So there you have it, another interesting week of Windows 10 news. What was your favorite story? Leave it in the comments section below.