WinBeta Podcast 4: The Mobile World Congress Special

Zac Bowden

WinBeta Podcast

We typically do a podcast on the weekend, but we decided it’d be a better idea to hold a special edition of the podcast mid-week to celebrate Microsoft and their announcements at Mobile World Congress 2015. So, with that plan set in stone, we’ve done just that! This edition of the WinBeta podcast is dedicated to the Microsoft announcements made at MWC.

Michael is out sick this week, so Sean Michael and I take center stage as we discuss this weeks MWC news. We talk about the Universal App platform, newly announced hardware such as the Lumia 640, and Spartan on Windows 10 for phones! Plus, many more Microsoft topics which happen to slip in here and there too.

Be sure to hit up the download links below to start listening or check out the embedded Sound Cloud option we have right in this post. For more information on the articles discussed, you can check them out below.

Included stories this week: