Helpful caring tips for your new Microsoft Band 2


Microsoft Band 2

For those of you with a new Microsoft Band, Microsoft is offering several helpful caring tips. To clean your Band, lightly wipe the touchscreen, wristband, and other surfaces using any of the following: a specialized screen wipe, a soft lint-free cloth, or a cotton swab moistened with fresh water. Microsoft suggests avoiding contact with soap, detergent, chlorinated water, salt water, lotion, bug spray, and sunscreen.

If your Band isn’t charging properly, you might need to clean the gold contact points on your Band and the charging connector. Simply moisten a clean cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol (do not soak the swab with alcohol) and scrub the gold contact points. Avoid any contact with plastic or paint. You can also do this same thing on the USB charging connector.

Microsoft also suggests keeping your Microsoft Band dry. It may be water-resistant, but it’s not waterproof so don’t swim with it, or shower with it. You should also avoid extreme temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are your helpful caring tips for the Microsoft Band?