Band Store is a must-have companion app for your Microsoft Band 2



If you are a proud owner of a new Microsoft Band 2, there is one must-have app available right now for your Windows Phone device. The app is called Band Store and it is a fantastic app that allows you to see all the apps available in the Windows Store that are compatible with your Microsoft Band.

The app showcases the top paid and top free apps available, as well as various categories of apps. For example, some of the compatible apps include Microsoft Health (this app is required in order to set up your Microsoft Band 2), as well as GoToMyBand, Pimp my Band, and more. It’s a simple app that helps you find Microsoft Band apps in the Windows Store.

Band Store app for Windows Phone

Now, keep in mind that not all of these apps have been updated to support the new Microsoft Band 2. You can snag the app from the download link below and try it out. Here are a few apps that appear in the list and a short description:

  • Microsoft Health — you need this app in order to set up your Microsoft Band 2.
  • Live Lock & Band — Lock screen wallpaper editor for your Band.
  • GoToMyBand — Play dynamic sine wave sounds on your phone controlled with your Microsoft Band gyroscope. Show a rotating image of your band on your phone screen while you move your hand.
  • Pimp my Band — Change your Band wallpaper with any image or photo you want.
  • Clear My Band — Easily clear all notifications and messages on your Band with one click.
  • Torch for Band — Add a white screen to use as a flashlight on your Band.
Band Store
Band Store
Developer: MetroAir Server
Price: Free