OnPodcast: The OnMSFT Podcast Episode 3: Surface fall event rumors, TikTok news, PS5, and more

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to OnPodcast: The OnMSFT.com Postcast. This is our new podcast series staring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus.

Each Sunday, our podcast will cover a look at some of the topics that have been trending in the world of Microsoft over the past few weeks. We also have a special segment known as “The Week Ahead” where we talk about some topics we think will be big for Microsoft moving into the next week.

In this week’s show, we’re back to our usually scheduled programming. We talk about the latest with the TikTok news, our thoughts on a possible Surface fall hardware event, the PS5 vs Xbox X Series debate, and more.

Segment 1: TikTok news (1:52- 6:10)

Global Tiktok

In this segment, we go over a late-breaking development in the continuing TikTok saga, now that a shutdown has been avoided. We get into the ban on the app being pushed back an additional week, as well as how Oracle entered the picture, and Microsoft being kicked out the bid for TikTok. We also get into what it could mean for Trump and the U.S. Presidential election, and if Microsoft backed out of the deal for this reason.

Segment 2: Surface event this fall, Surface Laptop 12.5 inch, Surface Pro X 2 (6:10-15:17)

Surface Laptop 3

In this segment, Arif and Kareem go over some of the rumors about a possible Surface event from Microsoft in the fall. We get into the news about a possible launch of a Surface Laptop 12.5-inch model, including its design, and its price point and features compared to a competing product. We also talk about the Surface Pro X 2, and what it could mean for Microsoft, and what we would expect from such a device.

Segment 3: Your Phone Apps feature (15:17-18:55)

Your Phone Windows 10 Android App Streaming

In this segment, we spend some time talking about the Your Phone Apps feature in Windows 10. It’s now rolling out to everyone, but we talk about how the feature is currently only limited to Samsung Devices. Arif also pulls out his Surface Duo and talks about the lack of the Apps feature bothers him.

Segment 4: Xbox X Series vs PS5 (18:55-25:34)

Xbox Series X S 2

In this final segment, we banter about the Xbox vs PS5 debate. We get into next-gen games, the prices of the console, and why it is causing fan wars. We also get into issues with pre-orders, and a lot more.

The Week Ahead: (25:34-end)

To end the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem talk a little bit about some news expected out of Microsoft for the week ahead. This includes news coming out of Microsoft Ignite, in relation to Teams, and Teams displays.