Xbox One controller recognizes who is holding it, automatically loads profile for that person


Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is set for release this November, but that isn’t stopping the software giant from pushing and promoting its new entertainment console. In a recent Xbox One panel during ComicCon 2013, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) took the stage and showcased some of Xbox One’s new features, including the controllers ability to recognize its owner.

With the upcoming Xbox One console, the controller will have the ability to automatically recognize who is holding the controller, via the built in connection to the Kinect camera. When you pass the controller to your friend, the games will automatically load individual controller profiles for that player. You wont even have to pause the game!

The Kinect in the Xbox One has about ten times the resolution of the current Kinect device and can “read the folds in your face and discriminate among your fingers even at 3 meters.” The new Kinect can also determine the position of your hands, which allows for better fidelity in bowling and rock climbing games. There is even a target shooting game that utilizes your hand and eye position in place of an actual gun, which to us means someone (Microsoft) is trying to brag about the new Kinect’s impressive features!

The new Kinect can also produce a mask of your own face, which can then be mapped into in-game models. So in other words, instead of using the avatar, you can use your own face geometry and even save your BMI onto character models in games. “The whole game also tracks your face during gameplay and will reproduce your real life facial expressions on the in game models,” the report adds.

These new features are built into the new Xbox One and can only be utilized if the game you play chooses to use them. The new Xbox One is expected to be released in November of this year. Are you excited about the new Xbox?