The Halo crossover in Forza Horizon 4 makes an appearance at Gamescom

Laurent Giret

A couple of days ago, we learned through a leaked image that Halo could make another appearance in Forza Horizon 4, right after Playground Games made the iconic Halo Warthog available in Forza Horizon 3. Well, this Halo experience actually made an appearance at the gamescom conference in Cologne this week, and even though Playground Games hasn’t discussed it publicly The Verge got the change to have a look at it yesterday.

This Halo crossover in Forza Horizon 4 will let you drive the Halo Warthog as Master Chief while being chased by Covenant aircrafts. Cortana, Master Chief’s AI sidekick in the first Halo games will also act as narrator, so this will be a much more complete Halo experience compared to what we saw in Forza Horizon 3.

A previously leaked image showed Master Chief driving a Warthog on a Halo ring.

There are still no marketing pictures or videos except the leaked image we saw before, but this crossover already seems to be a smart way to invite Halo fans to check out Forza Horizon 4 this Fall. The open world racing game will be released on October 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10, and it will also be available on Xbox Games Pass on Day One