Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson shows off Surface Pro 4 on Conan O’Brien show

Arif Bacchus

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches (it’s this Sunday), one should be reminded that Microsoft is heavily involved in the National Football League (NFL) here in the United States. Though the company provides modified Surface devices for use on the sidelines during NFL games, Microsoft has recently been more famous for facing criticism in regards to the performance of the devices. This so, the Redmond Giant continuously defends the NFL partnership, and has said that it is “very pleased” and that coaches “love it too.”

In fact, NFL and Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson recently took to late night TV and showed off the power of Surface Pro 4 during an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show.

Here’s a tease from Twitter:


You can watch the full video of the exchange on Conan’s site.

Russell Wilson opens by explaining that the Surface Pro 4 is huge on the field during NFL games. Almost like a coach himself, the Seahawks star details that the Surface Pro 4 is helpful to use during the game since it allows players and coaches to see different plays and help with the defense and offense.

Conan O’Brien then picks up the Surface Pro for himself (and almost breaks it!) to allow Russell to show how he uses the devices personally. Wilson takes a selfie with Conan, and then proceeds to pick up the Surface Pen and use the built-in Photos app to ink his name and customize the photo by giving Conan a beard.

It is safe to say this appearance gave Microsoft some much-needed positive PR after coaches such as Bill Belichick criticized the device and the use of technology on the field. Did you catch this appearance on the Conan O’ Brien show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!