Realm introduces comprehensive support for Xamarin to warm up to Microsoft developer community

Abhishek Baxi

Realm is now making it easy for Microsoft developers to use Realm to build highly-scalable, production-ready real-time apps. The company has added new Realm Mobile Database features to Xamarin, introduced Xamarin support to the Realm Mobile Platform, and brought the Realm Mobile Database to the Windows Desktop platform.

Launched in 2014, Realm is the mobile platform powering several of the world’s most responsive applications. The Realm Mobile Database is the most popular third-party database in the world, and drives more than a billion high-performance apps.

“Realm’s mission is to give mobile developers optimal database solutions to power their data-driven applications. Our comprehensive support for Microsoft technologies and platforms gives millions of Xamarin and C# developers a seamless, best-in-class solution for taking their brilliant ideas from initial code to high scale deployment. We can’t wait to see what the community builds with Realm, Xamarin, and Microsoft.”

– Alexander Stigsen, Co-founder and CEO, Realm

According to the official blog post, the company has been working hard on Realm Xamarin, the free, open-source client-side object database and is now releasing Realm Xamarin 1.0, declaring it ready for production.

Also, now that the Realm Mobile Platform supports Xamarin, C# developers can build cross-platform reactive apps simply by connecting a Realm-backed app to the Realm Object Server. The company is also releasing support for the Realm Mobile Database on Windows Desktop, allowing you to run Realm on the hundreds of millions of computers that support the Win32 API.

To illustrate how easy it is to use Realm and Microsoft technologies together to build mobile applications, the two have gotten together to build a smaple app and tutorial using Xamarin and Azure that you can check out here.