PSA: Don’t buy Killer Instinct’s new character if you own Definitive or Season 3 Ultra Edition

Brad Stephenson

Killer Instinct's Eagle

The Windows 10 and Xbox One video game, Killer Instinct, is releasing a new character as downloadable content (DLC) today however it’s had a bit of a negative reaction from game owners who feel betrayed after being forced to purchase two other additional characters after paying for the full Season 3 bundle.

Additional content for video games is normally met with praise by gamers but the reason fans have started to turn against Killer Instinct is due to the ever-increasing cost of attempting to attain all of the game’s content, something that has gradually become an ever-shifting goalpost. Each character costs around $4.99 to purchase individually and season Ultra Editions ($39.99) are required to unlock many of their alternate costumes. With three seasons (released over three years), that’s around $120 for just over 21 characters in a fighting game, something that pales in comparison to the recently released Injustice 2 which came with over 28 fighters at launch, most of which were included within the base game’s price of $59.99. A Killer Instinct Definitive Edition was released last year which contained all of the characters from the first three seasons of the game but owners of this version have also been forced to pay for the new characters which were released afterwards.

Iron Galaxy and Microsoft Studios have responded to some of the outrage by announcing today that the new character, Eagle, would be unlocked for free for all those who purchased the Killer Instinct Season Three Ultra Edition and/or the digital version of the Definitive Edition. Due to some technical problems though, the character won’t actually be available for free for about a week so players are encouraged not to buy it if they own either of those versions of the game. “Understand that if you purchase while the $4.99 is listed, you will be charged,” the official statement reads. “We want to do what we can to ‘make things right.’ This term is put in quotes only because it is very ambiguous in nature. This isn’t to say anything is a perfect solution, and we acknowledge that fact.”

Eagle will be made a free rotating character for this week which will allow all Killer Instinct owners to try the character without buying him. There will likely still be many Season Three Ultra Edition and Definitive Edition owners who will purchase him anyway, unaware of the upcoming giveaway, but having him as a rotating character until then should reduce the number of purchases. It’s unclear why they don’t simply delay the launch of the character.

Killer Instinct fans react

Definitive Edition owners are also being given the two previously released new characters, Shin Hisako and Kilgore, for free but this won’t happen until later in the year with the release of the game on Steam. This will likely please fans who only have the Definitive Edition but it’s already proving to be a source of frustration to those who had already bought them. The whole situation is rather convoluted so here are the main takeaway points:

  • Killer Instinct Definitive Edition: Owners of this version will get Eagle for free next week and Shin Hisako and Kilgore for free later in the year. Don’t buy any of them.
  • Killer Instinct Season Three Ultra Edition: Owners of this content will get Eagle for free next week. Do not buy him.
  • All other Killer Instinct players: Eagle will be free to play for a week. He can be purchased now or anytime in the future.
  • Everyone: Buying (or getting for free) the Eagle DLC will only unlock the base character and his retro costume. His premium items will need to be purchased with KI Gold, the game’s digital currency which is bought with real money.

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