Popular Surface drawing app Sketchable shipping largest update next week

Kareem Anderson

Inspired by the Microsoft Surface line of productivity tablets, a pair of brothers designed arguably one of the best creative applications for Windows in Sketchable. Teasing an announcement on the Microsoft Surface Reddit page, the Sketchable developers are looking to push the apps largest update to date.

On Monday, we will ship Sketchable 3.0, our largest update yet!”

Accompanying the Reddit teaser are a set of videos that highlight a series of features that are planned for the update now being called Sketchable 3.0. Judging from the video demonstrations, users can look forward to a bug fix that addresses previous issues artist had with pressure sensitivity on Wacom Cintiqs as well as tool tips on hover and tutorial videos embedded in the app.

Over the course of the discussion, other tidbits about the 3.0 upgrade were revealed that include a price change for the software. After the 3.0 upgrade, the price of Sketchable will increase to $19.99 US in the Windows Store with an optional upgrade of $4.99 (US) for existing customers who purchased the app at $11.99 for a bundle. Compared to the competition of Autodesk’s $29.99 for a yearly subscription, Sketchable remains a worthy price investment.

Also, Sketchable 3.0 is designed as a Windows 10 app, rather than the more commonly occurring Universal Windows App design, meaning users will need at least 2GB RAM and DX10 on their systems. The developers are no longer supporting ARM and while that doesn’t affect anyone toting a Surface 3 and above, Surface RT users will, unfortunately, be left in the dust when the update lands.

The developers continue a lengthy discourse with fans on the Reddit page where some more information about the update is revealed, but for as far as a list of features is concerned, most will have to wait until Monday, February 1, 2016, to be pleasantly surprised.

Visit the Surface Reddit page for details on the update and a chance to chat with the developers directly.

Developer: Silicon Benders LLC
Price: Free