Now you can add Windows Timeline support to Google Chrome with this new extension

Jack Wilkinson

Windows 10 Timeline extension for Google Chrome

Microsoft recently added a new feature to Windows 10, Windows Timeline. The feature adds the ability to look back in time at what you were doing and continue where you left off. It acts as a hub of history of tasks you’ve done on your Windows 10 device.

The feature requires apps and programs to add support for Windows Timeline. There’s no sign of Google adding in official support for the feature into Google Chrome just yet, despite the browser making up over 60% of the market share, it would be one of the main programs missing from the feature which is designed to create a history of everything you do. But for Chrome users, a third-party developer has created an extension that adds support for Windows Timeline.

While the extension is in beta, it already contains 3 main features that hook right into Windows Timeline:

  • Syncs web history to Windows Timeline, accessible on other devices using the same Microsoft Account
  • Set a minimum number of seconds you have to be on a page before it is sent to Windows Timeline
  • Push your current tab to another device using the same Microsoft Account

If you’re interested in using the extension, you can install Windows Timeline Support extension from the Chrome web store.