Microsoft, Ubitis, and Square Enix teaming up on Xbox One cloud-gaming experiment in China

Arif Bacchus

Square Enix, Ubitus, and Microsoft have all come together to form a trio in order to bring a cloud gaming service to eligible beta participants in China.

Word on the partnership was first spotted on a Xbox Chinese website, which is allowing users in mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, or Canton) to sign up for beta access to the upcoming service. Twitter user ZhugeEX, who is known for being a video game industry analyst, also tweeted that the service will require gamers to download a 160 MB file to stream games to a Xbox One. Additionally, the Twitter user notes that the only confirmed game for the service at the moment is last generation’s Final Fantasy XIII. While not confirmed, according to ZhugeEX, there also appears to be a Final Fantasy XV version in the works.

The partnership is no doubt very interesting, as it sheds some new light on the cloud gaming industry. We would love to hear your thoughts on the partnership, so be sure to drop us a comment below!