Microsoft to shutter Windows Phone 8.1 app store in December

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft is set to discontinue the Windows Store on Windows Phone 8.1 devices on December 16 (via Softpedia). The obsolete operating system stopped receiving support from Microsoft more than two years ago, and even stopped providing automatic app updates.

With the Windows Store being discontinued on the platform, users will no longer be able to add new apps to their devices. As such, Microsoft highly cautions users against uninstalling them, factory resetting their devices, or using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Once an app is removed, it cannot be reinstalled, but should work fine while it remains on the device.

Certain Lumia devices are still eligible to be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, and will continue to be able to access the Microsoft Store to obtain apps, movies, and TV shows for the time being. Although with Microsoft’s mobile focus moving towards alternatives such as Android as well as its upcoming Surface Duo, it might not be long before Windows 10 Mobile receives the same treatment. The mobile operating system already has well below one percent marketshare, according to Softpedia.

Are you still carrying a Windows-powered mobile phone? If not, what’s your mobile phone operating system of choice now? Let is know in the comments.