Microsoft to hold Mixed Reality Dev Days in Redmond on May 16-17

Laurent Giret

Microsoft announced yesterday that it’s bringing back its Mixed Reality Dev Days event on its Redmond campus on May 16-17, 2020. The Redmond event was completely free last year. However, the Redmond giant plans to shake things up this year with a new MR Dev Days Tour in Japan and Germany, though the dates have yet to be announced.

The Mixed Reality Dev Days in Redmond will be held during the weekend ahead of Microsoft’s Build 2020 developer conference, which will kick off in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on May 19. While you can already register for Build 2020, it’s not possible yet to RSVP for the Mixed Reality Dev Days.

Since Microsoft start shipping its new HoloLens 2 last fall, things have been pretty quiet on the mixed reality front recently. As you may know, Microsoft was planning a press conference at Mobile World Congress featuring HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman, but the event has now been cancelled. If the company’s MWC event was likely to focus on holograms, Microsoft has since said that it will share more about its latest innovations at a later date.