Microsoft Rewards quizzes now feature touches of Fluent Design

Arif Bacchus

The Microsoft Rewards dashboard recently got a facelift inspired by the Fluent Design system, but that wasn’t the end of all the improvements. We’ve just discovered that daily quizzes on the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard now feature touches of Fluent Design, lining up with the UI in Microsoft’s other products.

Seen in the featured image above, the rewards quizzes have ditched the old style “blue bar” look for Fluent Design’s see-through acrylic effect. You can now see the text or photos underneath the quizzes, which looks especially nice when you’re searching for images on Bing. Incorrect answers will also have a red square around them, and correct answers will now be highlighted with a green box. The Fluent Design UI also appears on mobile quizzes too, as seen below.

Fluent Design in Microsoft Rewards Quiz on mobile.

This is definitely a nice touch, and it makes the quizzes look more modern. It also shows that Microsoft is always evolving their Rewards program, especially as it becomes more popular.