Microsoft Outlook to add actionable card-based Loop components in November 2023

Devesh Beri

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In a recent update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft introduced a new Outlook feature. This feature, identified by Feature ID 122238, was added to the roadmap on October 19, 2023.

Microsoft has announced that it will add actionable card-based Loop components to Outlook in November 2023. This new feature will allow users to insert links to supported Microsoft 365 apps into their email messages. Outlook will show the component when the email is opened. This will allow users to take action on the link’s content without switching to another app.

Users must add a Microsoft 365 app that supports link unfurling with an actionable card-based Loop component to use this feature. Users can choose between the new embedded card or a link when inserting a link to a supported app into an email message.

Adding actionable card-based Loop components to Outlook on Microsoft 365 provides users with increased functionality and efficiency in their email communication. With the option to choose between embedded cards or standard links when inserting supported links, users can tailor their messages for enhanced engagement and interactivity.

This feature streamlines the email experience, making conveying information and encouraging specific actions easier, ultimately improving productivity and communication effectiveness.

The new feature is specifically related to Outlook and will be available on the following cloud instances: GCC (Government Community Cloud) and Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant). It will be accessible on the web platform and enter the General Availability release phase.

The rollout for this feature is scheduled to commence in November 2023. Users will now have the option to choose between an embedded card or a standard link when inserting supported links in their email messages.