Microsoft highlights a few productivity boosting features of Visual Studio 2013


Visual Studio 2013

During the Build 2013 developer conference a few weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out the Preview of Visual Studio 2013. In an official blog post today, Microsoft highlights a few of the new features in Visual Studio 2013 that offer a boost in productivity for developers.

“In Visual Studio 2013, we have introduced new features that boost productivity and save time when working inside the Editor. Some of these are new features and some are the most popular extensions from Productivity Power Tools. These features are a result of the feedback you gave us through User Voice requests, forum posts and Connect bugs. The MVP community also helped us pick some of these experiences,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

While working on code, you can easily view definitions inline in the Editor using Peek Definition. Without having to open a new document tab, all you have to do is right click on a symbol and click Peek Definition, or just hit Alt + F12. Visual Studio 2013 also features an Enhanced Scrollbar, which provides you visual cues about your file on the vertical scrollbar.

Microsoft has also implemented a new Navigate To, which lets you type in any part of a symbol and find its definition, using smart semantic search. With the new Auto brace complete feature, Visual Studio 2013 will automatically add closing parenthesis, quotes, braces and brackets as well.

You can see a complete list of all the new features of Visual Studio 2013 here.