Microsoft Exchange icon get its Fluent Design makeover

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is still not done revamping its Office icons with a Fluent Design Touch, and Microsoft Exchange is the latest service that received a brand new icon. The email server software probably isn’t the most exciting Microsoft product out there, but the new icon definitely looks sharp and reactions to the new icon on Twitter have been overwhelmingly positive so far.

The new icon makes a subtle use of different shades of blue, and the result is much more modern than the previous Exchange logo. It’s been a couple months now since Microsoft started updating the various logos for its core Office apps and other services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, or Access, the software giant isn’t completely done yet. The same can be said about Fluent Design on Windows 10, which definitely remains a work in progress in 2019.

There are still several app icons that could benefit from getting a Fluent Design makeover, and the list includes Power BI, Microsoft Planner, and even Microsoft To-Do. Once the company is done refreshing all these icons, maybe it should take a look at the Windows 10 emojis as they look increasingly out of place next to all these good-looking Fluent Design inspired creations.