Microsoft Edge version 100 heads to the Beta channel. Here’s what’s new

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Edge

Earlier this month, Microsoft Edge version 99 hit the Stable Channel on all supported devices. The build came with a couple of features, the most notable one being the ability to set a custom primary password to protect your saved passwords. Yet Microsoft is now making moves to move the next version of Edge closer to the stable channel, too.

Indeed, on March 17, Microsoft announced that it released Microsoft Edge Version 100 to Edge Insiders in the Beta channel. If that’s you, then you’ll now able to test out some of the new enhancements around PDFs. Here are some of the feature enhancements that you should expect with this new build.

  • You can configure session cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for IE Mode on your site list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don’t see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout
  • Users can view a PDF file in a lightweight and rich read-only preview. Available for Outlook Desktop PDF attachments or for local PDF files using File Explorer.
  • Installed web app synchronization across all desktop devices. Websites or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that have been installed as applications will synchronize across all desktop devices that you’ve signed into and enabled sync on. They’ll show as “Available apps” for you to install. An app removed from one device will sync the removal on all devices.

As always, if you’re an Edge Insider, this latest release should automatically install for you. If that is not the case you can trigger the update by visiting Edge’s settings menu, then click on Help and Feedback, select About Microsoft Edge, and then wait for the browser to download an update.