Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets a 10% raise amid economic uncertainty

David Allen


Microsoft is showing great confidence in CEO Satya Nadella, according to Microsoft’s latest Proxy 2022 statement. The CEO is receiving a raise of 10 percent despite the current economic uncertainty. Nadella landed the role in 2014 and has guided the company to some amazing growth numbers in the midst of a pandemic and the horizon of a potential recession.

Nadella’s base salary remains unchanged at $2.5 million and his stock awards rose to $42.2 million up from $33 million. His Non-equity incentive plan compensation did fall to $10.6 million versus $14.2 million from the year before. Of the $55 million dollar package 96 percent was performance-based versus 71 percent in 2021.  Microsoft’s revenue increased 18 percent for the physical year that ended June 30, 2022 topping out at $198.3 billion dollars.

Shareholders wanted to ensure the retention of Nadella and have high confidence in his leadership. Worth noting the median pay for Microsoft staffers was $190,302 for the fiscal year 2022.

Via The Register