Microsoft Casual Games is looking for you to vote on their next title

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has always had some of the more nifty casual games up their sleeves. Thinking all the way back to the days of Minesweeper and 3d Space Cadet Pinball, there’s been something simple to keep everyone occupied on their Windows device. Now, as Microsoft makes significantly more than just simple one-off games bundled with their operating system, the Microsoft Casual Games department is looking to you to vote on their next game.

Microsoft Casual Games is offering up 5 different options, of which you can pick your top 3 choices. For those who enjoy card games, Microsoft Hearts and Microsoft Casino collection are both up to vote on. For the more cerebral audience, Microsoft Chess and Microsoft Ultimate Word games are on the table as well. For the Microsoft fans out there who happen to like bubbles (and puzzle games) … Well, vote for Microsoft Bubble – it’s got bubbles in it. You’ll probably have a good time with that.
It seemed from the video that Microsoft Casual Games may already all of these projects in the works, so it’s possible that they’ll all come out at one point or another. This vote is to decide which game they’re going to be focusing their resources on and releasing out to the public first. In a world where casual games have become such a massive part of many peoples’ day-to-day life (for example, Activision’s purchase of King Digital, Candy Crush developers, was a whopping 5.9 billion dollars. That’s 1.9 billion more dollars than Star Wars was sold for, to put it in perspective,) it’s going to be interesting to see just what people end up voting for.