Lumia 930: See how creativity and technology are bound together to create art (video)


Lumia 930: See how creativity and technology are bound together to create art (video)

When you combine technology with creativity, you can produce something artistic. Take Marcel Lammerhirt for example, a photographer who used a Lumia 930, powered by Windows Phone 8.1, to create something amazing. Along with the Lumia 930, Lammerhirt used a tripod, some flashes, and two LED lights.

“The world is a different place to what it was a generation or two ago. Things change, either on a small scale or a large one. Take the glaciers, for example. Where there was once thick ice, there’s now rock and dirt. I created a large glass box. Inside is where I visualize what the environment used to look like, and through the transparent walls you can see the contrast with today’s world,” says photographer Marcel Lammerhirt.

The idea is simple, yet complex. Lammerhirt combined two different eras in one image, while separating them via a glass box. Outside the glass box is the real world. Inside the glass box is the early 21st century visualized through a skier, wearing traditional ski clothing from the 1920s. Why this time period? Because that was the time when glaciers were still intact and imposing.

“As a photographer, I always shoot in RAW DNG. With this option on the Lumia 930, I was able to capture more detail and deeper colors, resulting in amazing quality photos. Nokia Camera was great. By changing the manual focus and getting down low to take a macro shot worked really well for some of my shots,” he added. Lammerhirt also utilized the reframing feature, allowing him to remove parts of the picture he didn’t want right on his smartphone.

The Lumia 930 features a 20MP PureView Dual LED flash Camera and four directional microphones with Surround-Sound. We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!